The Bellingham Herald 360-676-2600 = General Info Daily publication
1155 N. State Street
Bellingham WA 98225

Margaret Bikman = Calendar of Events
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = “Take 5” = the Friday before next Thursday’s publication

Cascadia Weekly 360-647-8200 = General Info. Weekly pub. on Wednesdays
P.O. Box 2833
Bellingham WA 98227-2833

Amy Kepferle
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline =

Whatcom Independent 360-676-9411 = General Info. Weekly pub. on Fridays
1201 Cornwall Ave, Ste 107 360-676-9412 = FAX
Bellingham WA 98225

Deb Gaber = Events Editor
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = Tuesday before Friday’s publication

Entertainment News Northwest 360-815-6286 = General Info. Monthly pub. first of Mo.
102 W Champion St
Bellingham WA 98225

Dorothy AT ENNW = Events Calendar
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = 10th of Month prior to month of publication

Lynden Tribune 360-354-4444 = General Info Daily publication
P.O. Box 153
Lynden, WA 98264

Kerri Howard = Calendar of events
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = One week before event

Northwest Events & Lifestyles 360-354-4444 = General Info Monthly Pub on 1st of Mo.
P.O. Box 153 360-354-4445 = FAX
Lynden, WA 98264

Kerri Howard = Calendar of events
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = 10th of Month prior to month of publication

Ferndale Record Journal 360-384-1411 = General Info Weekly pub. on Wednesday
2008 Main Street
Ferndale, WA 98248

for news and calendar events e-mail:

Deadline = Monday noon before the Wed. publication

Northern Light 360-332-1777 = General Info. Weekly pub. on Thursdays
225 Marine Drive
Blaine, WA 98230

Northern Light
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = one week before publication

Western Front 360-650-3160 = General Info.
WWU Campus
Bellingham WA 98225

Scott Anderson = Contact person

They don’t do events calendars but you can call them and see if they will do an article about your event.

Fairhaven College Bulletin 360- 650-3680 = General Info
516 High Street
Bellingham WA 98225

Submit online

Evergreen Monthly 206-320-7788 = General Info Monthly pub. 1st of Mo.
3600 15th Ave. W., Ste 200 206-320-7717 = FAX
Seattle, WA 98119

E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = 5th of Month prior to month of publication

Bellingham Co-op 360-734-8158 = General Info
1200 N Forest Street
Bellingham WA 98225

Email address:

Deadline = 5th of the month prior to month of publication
graphics invited--like logo

Skagit Valley Herald 360-416-2160 = General Info Daily publication
1000 E. College Way
P.O. Box 578
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

Skagit Valley Herald
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = 3 weeks before the event

What’s UP – Magazine 360-714-9310 = General Info
P.O. Box 2173
Bellingham WA 98227

Rosa Brookhaven OR Missy Bec...
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline =

Organic Press 360-766-5222 = General Info
P.O. Box 303
Bow, WA 98232

Darren Thompson
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline =

New Spirit Journal 206-799-7753 = General Info. Monhtly 1st of Mo.
14911 Chain Lake Road #431
Monroe, WA 98272

Krysta Gibson = Calendar of events
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = one month prior to publication

New Connexion 503-892-3300 = General Info. Monthly 1st of Mo.
P.O. Box 80397
Portland, OR 97280

New Connexion Editor
E-mail Address(es):

Deadline = one month prior to publication


Cascade Radio Group 360-734-9790 On air daily
2219 Yew Street
Bellingham WA 98229

Cascade Radio Group For Radio Stations:
E-mail Address(es): KBAI (K Bay) (AM 930 The Bay) KAFE (104.3 FM Soft Rock)
KGMI AM 790 (News Talk) Amanda Hofsteder
KISM 92.9 FM (Classic Rock)
KPUG 1170 AM (Sports)

Deadline = at least two weeks before event. Must be by a non-profit sponsored group for PSAs
Announcements will be made up to 5 times starting the day before the event.

KUGS FM 89.3 360-650-5847
WWU News/Public Affairs
516 High Street
Bellingham WA 98225

Colin = contact person

apply online and fill out PSA formt:

Will broadcast one to two weeks before event. Get info to them at least two weeks prior to event

KPLU 88.5 & 88.7 800-677-5758 = General Info
1010 S 122nd St
Tacoma, WA 98447

email at;

KVOS TV 360-671-1212 = General Info
1151 Ellis Street
Bellingham WA 98225

Joe Bates = contact person


DOWNTOWN Bellingham (D = David's fav spots)
The Pickford (Allied Arts) Cornwall D
The Black Drop corner of Grand and Champion D
Mt. Bakery 308 W Champion D
Bay St. Coffee House (the old Stuarts) D
Hizzoner’s 322 N. Commercial
Arlis’ Restaurant 1520 Cornwall Ave.
Bellingham Public Market Cornwall D
Grand Ave. Ale House 113 Grand Ave.
Henderson Books 116 Grand
The Hub State St. D
Studio Galactica Cornwall
The RE Store Holly D
Film is Truth Holly D
Bandito’s Burritos 120 W. Holly D
Old Town Café 316 W. Holly D
Church of Divine Man 301 W. Holly
Teriyaki Bar 119 W. Holly
La Vie En Rose Holly D
Little Cheerful Cafe 133 E. Holly
Community Food Co-op 1220 N. Forest D
Mallard Ice Cream & Café 1323 Railroad D
The Bagelry 1319 Railroad D
Casa Que Pasa 1415 Railroad D
Boundary Bay BrewBistro 1107 Railroad Ave.
Interfaith Health Center Unity Street
Public Library (give them 2--the 2nd for the Fairhaven Lib) 210 Central D
Wonderland Teas Railroad Ave. D
Wise Awakenings 314 E. Holly
Fantasia Espresso Cafe Cornwall D
Industrial Credit Union State
Café Caffe 3908 Meridian
North Bellingham Café 205 W. Smith Rd.
Cozy Corner Books/Coffee 2500 Cedarwood
Our House Deli 2301 James
Sandwich Odyssey 2001 Cornwall
Books NW 2500 Cedarwood
Barnes & Noble 4099 Guide Meridian
Magickal Garden Bellis Fair Mall
Woodside Spiritual Center Yew Street
Haggen Grocery store Meridian
Albertsons Grocery store Northwest Ave.
Eclipse Bookstore 1104 11th
Tony's Coffee House 1101 Harris
Village Books 1200 11th D
Haggen Seahome Village
Mountain View Deli 3706 Mt. Baker Hwy., Everson
Farmer’s Café 210 W. Main St., Everson
Nina’s Café 392 E. Main St., Everson
Acme Café 2045 Valley Hwy., Acme
Hungry Bear 4965 Mt. Baker Hwy., Deming
Fairway Café 1726 Front St., Lynden
Bookhandel 655 Front St., Lynden
Madison’s Restaurant 6104 Portal Way, Ferndale
Main St. Bar & Grill 2005 Main St., Ferndale
Mount’s Café 1860 Main St., Ferndale
Murdock’s 5611 3rd St., Ferndale
Pioneer Books 2074 Vista Dr.

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