Sustainable Bellingham Wiki

Hello, and welcome to the Sustainable Bellingham community wiki! If you have never heard of a wiki before, they are a quick and easy way to share information on the web (see our short tutorial).

The main sections of our wiki are the CommunityInventory and the SustainabilityDocumentationProject. The CommunityInventory is a project to collect information about local community groups and resources involved in the devolopment of sustainable living in our bioregion. Our SustainabilityDocumentationProject is an ever-growing collection of articles on the subject of sustainability. We hope, with your input, to make it a comphrensive resource for our community and others.

This wiki also contains the Sustainable Bellingham MeetingMinutes, CollaborativePotluckNotes, LocalNews and InternalDocuments.

Thank you for contributing to our site!

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