Wiki Tutorial:

What is a wiki?
A wiki is basically a site with pages within pages that can be modified by anyone. No worries, the page can be completely restored by the webmaster if any mistakes or tomfoolery should occur.

The wiki is very easy to use; there are just a few things that you need to know to get started.

But before you begin creating and editing pages, you will first need to register. You can do so by clicking on the Login/Register link in the page header.

To edit a page:
Double click on the page you are on to edit it. You want to double click on the empty space or the text field, as opposed to a link or the border. When you are done editing, hit the ‘store’ button at the bottom of the page. Editing works similarly to Word documents.

To create a page:
You can create a page anywhere. Double click on any page to edit it. Type in a page name according to the protocol listed below. Hit the 'store' button at the bottom. The name of the new page will now appear in blue where you typed it. It is now a link to your new page. A dashed red line will appear beneath it meaning the new page is empty. Click on this link to go to your new page. Double click on the empty space to begin editing it.

Page names:
Page names have a special protocol: they must be at least two words, capitalized, with no space between. This is a page name: ABrandNewPage. This is not: A Brand New Page. Any time you write something that follows these rules a new page is created and a link to that page. If a page with that name already exists, a link is made to that page.

Formatting text:
When editing a page you can use the buttons at the top of the editor to format text, or you can follow these rules of formatting:



*For a complete list go to FormattingRules

To create a link to another website write the full address (including http://) inside a [[double set of square brackets]].

To link to another page on the wiki just write the page name.

Attaching Files
File attachments such as PDF documents can be added to a wiki page, but only if you are an administrator of the wiki.

You can add an attachment by typing {{files}} into the section of the page where you want it to appear, then store the page. After the page is saved, you will see a "Browse" button on the page which you can then use to add files. If you do not see the file browser, it is probably because you are not logged in, or you do not have adminstrative access. If you believe you should have administrative access, you can contact for assistance.

Lost Pages:
If you create a page and then can't find it, just go to the link at the top called PageIndex. It is an alphabetical list of all the pages ever created.

Playing Around:
The best way to learn is to do! To practice and perfect you wiki-capabilities go here: SandBox. This page was specially created for learning.

More Documentation
You can find more information on the following pages: WhatIsAWiki, FormattingRules, WikkaDocumentation, OrphanedPages, WantedPages, TextSearch.

Feel free to edit this page to improve clarity and utility! That is what a wiki is about: sharing knowledge.

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