Community Inventory

The Community Inventory is a project to collect information about local community groups and resources involved in the development of sustainable living in our bioregion.

Note: The Community Resources Inventory is a work in progress. We invite you to add or modify resources where you see the need. Our goal is to make this as comprehensive as possible. [Note: we encourage users to add content, however due to spam we were forced to require registration/log in.]

Instructions for how to add an item to the inventory: AddToInventory

In addition to our contributing to our online database here, please consider supporting Attraction Retreat's CASI Project:
A Community Assessment and Sustainability Inventory for Whatcom County

The CASI project was conceived in the Fall of 2005. It is an outgrowth of the community organizing and education based on natural systems that grew out of the public screenings Attraction Retreat hosted starting in November, 2004 of the Peak Oil documentary, End of Suburbia. According to just about everyone who has studied the issues in any depth, and whose livelihood isn't tied to their denial, the only logical response to Peak Oil and Global Warming is relocalization, a concept first championed by the Post-Carbon Institute.

One of the first steps that needs to be undertaken in a successful relocalization campaign is to find out what the community has to work with, what's missing, and try to discover possible barriers to becoming sustainable. Thus, a regional inventory of economic, environmental, and social assets is necessary to guide a community or region's response to the local impacts of global crises. Only with a full set of facts, and widespread community support, can local decision makers make informed choices.

Resources to live simply and sustainably: SustainableGuide
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