Vision (Where we want to go)
To promote and participate in the co-creation of sustainable community in Bellingham and the surrounding bioregion, in partnership with other groups and individuals.

Mission (How to get there)
To reach the goal of Sustainability, we advocate for the strategy of Relocalization – becoming self and community-reliant (not self-sufficient) at the local level and rebuilding communities based on the local production of food, energy, and goods as well as the relocalization of governance and culture. Relocalization includes a firm commitment to reducing consumption and improving environmental and social conditions.

Particulars of our Mission

  • To provide resources for community groups that deal with the particulars of creating a sustainable culture and facilitate communication and cooperation among these groups
  • To raise awareness about Peak Oil and other developing global crises
  • To contribute to the creation of a sustainable regional infrastructure to replace those aspects of our present system that are out of balance
  • To teach skills for sustainable living
  • To honor the values and interdependence of all Life and provide for its ongoing well-being

Our Projects

  • Community-building Events – We host regular events to enrich and enliven the community and increase networking among the many organizations and groups that contribute to the well-being of our community.
  • Online Community Hub – Our website has been created to be a central place for sustainability-related resource sharing, a community calendar, an inventory of currently available human and natural resources, contact information and online forums, sustainability articles, and more.
  • Sustainable Bellingham E-mail Announcement List – A vehicle for sharing information about news and community events related to sustainability – what one reader calls “the hub for information pertinent to conscious change.”
  • Peak Oil Awareness and Response Team – Raising awareness and promoting appropriate responses to energy uncertainties and vulnerabilities.
  • The Bellingham Pachamama Alliance Symposium Team (an affinity group we co-sponsor) – Dedicated to engage an ever-widening circle of people in our community to the principles and values presented in the “Awaken the Dreamer, Change the Dream” Symposiums.
  • Urban Gardening/Food Not Lawns – A Sub-Team actively engaged in urban garden and lawn to garden projects.

Who We Are
Sustainable Bellingham is a registered 501C3 Nonprofit Corporation.
We are a member of the Post Carbon Institute’s Relocalization Network. See their most recent newsletter.
We are also a member of NECP – Naturally Creative Earth Politics.